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AGRICULTURAL TERM LOANS:                    

  1. Facilities can be allowed to farmers for raising  horticultural crops, land development, minor irrigation, farm mechanisation,  cattle sheds, Rural Godowns, Two Wheelers, purchase of Agricultural land, Agri  Clinics & Agri Business Centres etc.,             
  2. The unit cost, repayment schedule etc., prescribed by  NABARD from time to time shall be followed.              
  3. Land based loans shall be allowed only against own lands.        

FARM MECHANISATION:                     

  1. PURPOSE: For  purchase of Tractors with at least three implements, Power Tillers, Paddy  Harvesters and other Farm Equipment by the farmers in East Godavari, Guntur and West Godavari  districts.             
  2. MARGIN: Applicant(s)  should contribute at least 15% of the total cost as margin.             
  3. REPAYMENT: Up  to 9 years.                      


  1. Loans for setting up of  agri-clinics / agri-business centers by Agriculture Graduates upto a unit cost  of Rs.10.00 Lakhs for individuals and Rs.50.00 Lakhs for a group of individuals  (normally 5 members) will be loowed.                    



  1. Small and Marginal farmers i.e., those who would own  maximum of 5.00 acres of non-irrigated land or 2.50 Acres of irrigated land including  the land proposed to be purchased under the scheme.             
  2. Share croppers / Tenant farmers             
  3. The farmers covered under (i) & (ii) above, who are  already avail credit facility from our bank and are having satisfactory  dealings with us for the last three years are eligible to avail the loans under  this scheme.        

MARGIN: The margin will be minimum of  25% of the Registered value 
            including  registration charges.          

REPAYMENT PERIOD: Loan may be repaid in  7 – 10 years in half yearly / yearly instalments including a maximum moratorium  period of 24 months.          



  1. Individuals,  farmers, group of farmers/Growers, Partnership/Proprietary firms, Non-  Government Organizations (NGO’s), Self Help Groups (SHG’s), Companies,  Corporations, Co-operatives, Agro-Processing Cooperative Societies,  Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees, Marketing Boards and Agro Processing  Corporations in the entire country can avail these loans.             
  2. Assistance  for renovation/expansion of rural godowns will however be restricted to the  godowns constructed by co-operatives only.             
  3. Location:  The entrepreneur will be free  to construct godown at any place and any size as per his commercial judgement  except for the restrictions that it would be outside the limits of Municipal  Corporation area and be of a minimum capacity of 50 MT.               
  4. Time limit for completion of the project is 15 months from  the date of disbursement of first installment.               
  5. Loan  is to be repaid in 5 years including a grace period of one year.             
  6. Margin:  Applicant’s Margin should be at least 25%.                       


  1. ELIGIBILITY: Applicant should be a farmer  having agricultural land with sufficient surplus income and having a valid  Driving License.      

AGE LIMIT: Between 18 years and 55 Years.        

MARGIN:  Minimum 25% of the unit cost        

SECURITY: The Vehicle should be Hypothecated in  favour of the Bank, by 

              incorporating  the clause in 'C' Book. Collateral security @150% of total

              loans, if  exceeds Rs.50,000/-.         


Loans  will be allowed for the following purposes:                   

  1. DAIRY             
  2. POULTRY             
  3. SHEEP  REARING             
  4. SERICULTURE             
  5. VERMICULTURE             
  6. Other allied activities.




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